Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021 - festive Glasses and lights

Wine Glass and AspireLIFE Logo with Stars

Now that 2020 and is behind us, I wish everyone love, health and success in the coming New Year!  Hopefully some of the struggles of 2020 will be behind us soon, and that we (people of the world) can find common ground and more ways to truly care for each other. I have recently started doing some marketing on Instagram and I just want to say thanks to new friends who have helped and guided me on that platform. Your support has been amazing!  Also a shout out to our supporters on Facebook, you continue to send kind messages and I am appreciative of all of the DM's on both platforms.

My Goals for 2021:
1. Meditate more - Relaxation & Appreciation Practice
2. Give more LOve ❤️ to my Family & Friends - I need to be sensitive to everyone - knowing that they are going through a hard time.
3. Make new insta buddies - yay! I've made new friends and looking forward to even more.
4. Level-up developer & marketing skills - Insta is fun and easy; but I have so much more to learn and find creative ways to give back
5. Real Estate & Investment Decisions - this one is more personal - I just need to be easier and less stressed about things I can't control - see #1