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Stressing out about Exfoliating?

No need when you add Soothing Tamanu Facial Oil Serum from Aura Cacia  to your routine. I use it after exfoliation or throughout the day whenever my skin feels dry. It's important to hydrate * hydrate * hydrate after exfoliating, giving the new skin a chance to bathe in a light serum. Be careful not to use too much so that your skin gets the benefits of moisture from the serum without clogging pores.

AspireLife Foaming Cleanser now part of my daily routine

We have so much rain in California right now - it's the perfect time to exfoliate before the sun comes back out in full force! Exfoliants and peels can be a little harsh if paired with a regular cleanser so I use AspireLife Foaming cleanser in the shower to gently rinse away impurities without aggravating my latest Glycolic peel. I like to refresh my skin montly on cloudy days. I can use the foaming cleanser daily and it's gentle every time.

Summer Sun Gentle on my Skin

Sometimes I just want to run in the Sun, feel the warmth and admire the gleaming rays dance through leaves. It feels great to leave my large sun hat or baseball cap at home and just be free. A great sunscreen helps me to do that. I don't have to worry about anything, I can just enjoy myself.