Muddy Water

"Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone" -Alan Watts

Somehow as I think about world events, there seems to be so much turbulance. I want to fix it all; not quite sure how to start. I wish everyone love and peace and a brighter tomorrow. I keep meditating on this phrase by Alan Watts and I wonder if that's true; or if there is more we could do. 

Happy New Year 2021

Now that 2020 and is behind us, I wish everyone love, health and success in the coming New Year!  Hopefully some of the struggles of 2020 will be behind us soon, and that we (people of the world) can find common ground and more ways to truly care for each other. I have recently started doing some marketing on Instagram and I just want to say thanks to new friends who have helped and guided me on that platform. Your support has been amazing!  Also a shout out to our supporters on Facebook, you continue to send kind messages and I am appreciative of all of the DM's on both platforms.

AspireLIFE Reboot

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